Buddy Scheme

Feel anxious joining the group? We’re here to help…

We understand that many members may feel reticent in joining the QUB LGBT+ society due to nerves and doubts, as such we provide a buddy scheme where you can meet one of the committee members to talk about why you want to join the society or even just to have someone to say hello to when you come to the meetings or events.

We also provide quieter, more personal tea & coffee meet-ups before our main introductory meetings each semester as an opportunity for new members to meet each other and the committee before the society gets going as a whole. Similar meetings will be open to the whole society throughout the year, for those who may prefer a quainter gathering.

We are a really friendly bunch so if you ever need to meet with us on a one to one, contact us via email or use the contact form on this website. It goes straight to us and we will get back to you ASAP. All private conversations between yourself and the committee will be kept confidential.