Here at the QUB LGBT+ Society, we have a sub-committee who represent each of the letters in the acronym, so that you can come to any of them for particular queries or help you may need.

October 26th 2016 – Present

Gay Representative
Will Hancock-Evans
Bisexual Representative
Dillon Hemphill
Transgender Representative
Molly Maguire
Trans (Non-Binary) Representative
Zoe Morrison
Questioning Representative
John Emerson
Postgraduate Representative
Rachael Stockdale



March 1st 2016 – October 26th 2016

Top left to right: Ben McNally (Treasurer), Ciarán Cunningham (Q Representative), Molly Maguire (+ Representative), MK Maguire (President), Con McGuirk (T(NB) Representative), Nory Kaplan-Kelly (T Representative).
Bottom left to right: Liam Stevens (Social Secretary), Pelin Yildir (B Representative), Sam Farrell (G Representative).
Gay Representative Sam Farrell
Gay Representative
Sam Farrell
Bisexual Representative Pelin Yildir
Bisexual Representative
Pelin Yildir
Transgender Representative Nory Kaplan-Kelly
Transgender Representative
Nory Kaplan-Kelly
Trans (Non-Binary) Representative Con McGuirk
Trans (Non-Binary) Representative
Con McGuirk
Questioning Representative Ciarán Cunningham
Questioning Representative
Ciarán Cunningham
Plus Representative Ryan Maguire
Plus Representative
Molly Maguire

















The following are statements made by the sub-committee about their Letter Identity:

L – Lesbian

G – Gay

B – Bisexual

T – Transgender

T – Trans (Non-Binary)

Q – Questioning

+ – Plus